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BASHTO X-300 Fire Boccia Ramp

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Extremely strong, stable and light ramp even in the version without any rotating parts.

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1 999,17 € 1 999,17 € 1 999,17 € VAT excl.

1 999,17 € 1 999,17 € VAT excl.

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Height (cm)18
Width (cm)36
Lenght (cm)115
Weight (kg)9

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BASHTO X-300 Fire Boccia Ramp New product of 2020
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Boccia Ramp suitable for advanced players also for international league matches.
Meets the strict all the criteria reported by the BISFed - Boccia International Sports Federation.
U-shaped leg allows precise aiming across the clear bottom along the entire ramp.
It has 5 parts. Body with 1 extension, leg, base and movable holder for fixing the ball.
Extremely strong, stable and light ramp even in the version without any rotating parts.

The futuristic fork leg of the ramp and the stabilizing arm are U-shaped.
They allow the player to aim across the transparent bottom of the ramp along its entire length.
Both are original development products of our technologists. Developed by BASHTO SPORTS.

The mounting of the stabilizing arm on the tip of the base gives the ramp extreme stability.
Turning right-left is done by rotating the ramp base on the floor.
There is also a version with a swivel joint for turning right-left without moving the base.

A stable base weighs 5 kg with the possibility of increasing the weight by 2.5 kg for extreme stability.
The base is narrow, which allows the player to play from extreme angles in a small boxing space.

The ramp is clearly visible to both the player and the assistant along the entire length of the meter to determine the height of the throw.
The ramp has the inclination of the mouth set horizontally to the floor so that the ball passes smoothly to the floor without an impact.
The sides are made of beech plywood with cut-outs to lighten them. There is also a version without cutouts available.
The cutouts do not affect the sliding of the ball. They make the ramp lighter and enhance its dynamic appearance.
The only extension that is 1.2 meters long simplifies the work of the sports assistant.
All metal parts of the ramp, except the steel base, are made of aluminum, to relieve it.
The ramp has a unique pipe arc, tested by many years of practice of Slovak boccia players.
The inclination of the ramp has an angle of 62 °, which is relatively steep and gives the released balls a high speed.

Easily foldable into a flat travel case, which can also be ordered.
The date of production and delivery of the ramp with accessories is approximately from 30 to 60 days.
You will be continuously informed about the delivery date of your order.
height x width x lenght (cm): 135 x 30 x 18
weight: 11 kg
See bellow, section Using this product
You can choose a design from 30 different colors and their 2-combination included in the price.
You have an option to get your own logo engraved on the ramp body for extra charge.
Choose the version with articulated right-left rotation, or fixed with rotation of the whole ramp.
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10 % discount / 10 pcs        Discount if purchasing 10 pcs or more.

Individual discounts can not be combined with each other.
Only one discount, the best for the customer, is valid for each purchase.
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