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BASHTO Transport Box

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Wooden box for transport of BASHTO boccia ramp especially by plane.

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Height (cm)15
Width (cm)45
Depth (cm)127
Lenght (cm)127
Weight (kg)6

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BASHTO Transport Box
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The original Box serves to securely store and ease the transport of the Ramp.
Protects the ramp from dust, scratches and mechanical damage.
Wheels and handles simplify the handling of the Ramp during moving or transportation.
The case contains separate space for each part of the ramp.
It also includes a sphere space for the balls or a Ball Rounder to forming the balls.
The suitcase is made of lightweight wood.
The corners and edges are reinforced with metal plates and aluminum strips.
The inlay is reinforced with a protective layer of foam and soft polyurethane foam.
It has 2 wheels and 2 handles. One for lifting, the other for towing on wheels.
The lid is secured by the door's feet to fix it in the open position.
The case has 2 lock locks. It can be locked with a hanging lock.
height x width x lenght (cm): 15 x 45 x 127
weight: 10,2 kg
See bellow, section Using this product.
You can choose a design from 30 different colors included in the price.
With an extra charge, we design your case in colorful double / tri-combinations.
You can get your own logo engraved on the top of the Box for extra charge.
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10 % discount / 10 pcs      Discount if purchasing 10 pcs or more.

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