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BASHTO X-clusive Boccia Ramp

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An Exclusive Aluminium Boccia Ramp at the highest professional level.

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2 832,50 € 2 832,50 € 2 832,50 € VAT excl.

2 832,50 € 2 832,50 € VAT excl.

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Height (cm)18
Width (cm)36
Lenght (cm)115
Weight (kg)11.9

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BASHTO X-clusive Boccia Ramp TOP product
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An Exclusive Aluminium Boccia Ramp at the highest professional level.
Meets the strict all the criteria reported by the BISFed - Boccia International Sports Federation.
For clienst seeking a perfect concept, absolute accuracy and fresh design.
Sides made of thin 5mm Aluminium with oval slits to enlight the Ramp itself.
All the steel parts of lower class models were replaced with aluminum.
The massive base remained steel for stability. It has 3 legs to adjust the the levels.
The bottom of the ramp and extensions is made of translucent plastic with groove.
A magnetic movable ball holder with a measuring line supplied with the Ramp .

You have a choice of 3 types of construction with a slight inclination of 55°, medium 58,5° and steep 62° degrees.
Choose either 2 extensions 73 cm long, or 3 extras = 73 cm, 50 cm and 23 cm for an additional charge.
In the middle of the ramp bottom and extensions, you can have a slot for the headpointer or a line for aiming.

There are different types of bases to choose from.
The base can be 350 x 420 x 10 mm wide and heavy, weighing 2 x 3.2 kg, for increased stability.
Or narrow and lighter base 250 x 420 x 10 mm (2 x 2.5 kg) for better aiming from different angles.
The base consists of 2 plates as standard. However, you can also choose a third stabilizating plate at an extra cost.

The telescopic leg to adjust the desired height.
If you are aiming without lifting the tip of the ramp, along its entire bottom, choose the version with a U-shaped leg.
With the U-shaped leg, you can see the aiming line along the entire length of the bottom of the ramp.
You will have a fixed ramp angle when selecting the U-leg and the Y-shaped stabilizing arm. You rotate it with the base.
The U-leg can also be designed as a swivel with a short telescopic arm. You rotate it without the base.
With all variations of ramp construction, the ball always leaves the ramp horizontally with the floor, without impacting it...

A flat aluminum pin system with a plastic inlay ensures comfortable insertion of the attachments.
The rigidity of inserting the extension pins into the slots is adjustable with 2 screws. These regulate the width of the holes.
3 quick-release handles allow a very fast ramp adjustment , what saves time.

Easily foldable into a compact transport box which you can also order.
The production and delivery time of the ramp with accessories is from 30 to 60 days.
You will be kept informed about the delivery date of your order.
height x width x lenght (cm): 18 x 36 x 115
weight: 11,8 kg

Adam Peška - Czech Boccia Team member 2nd Place - European Boccia Cup 2017, Poznaň, Poland
„This Ramp is definitely the best I've ever had so far. The Ramp is stable, the balls approach precisely.“
Link for the whole interview with Adam Peška

Michael Kiefler - reprezentant BC3 rakúskeho Boccia-CP Österreich
1st Place - BC3 Cup Austria 2018
„This ramp looks very professional and fulfils the players need to play really well. “
Link for the whole interview with Michael Kiefler

Martin Rybarčák - representative of the Slovak National Team, meber of ŠK Boccian
1st place - pairs and team category Boccia Slovakia 2019
„The X-clusive ramp is both technically and design high level.“
Link for the whole interview with Martin Rybarčák

Nico Iemma - a 11 years old talented player from Canada
1st place - Ontario Provincial Champion in 2018 & 2019
„It addresses a lot of the previous technical issues but also looks great. I value the sturdiness, accuracy and consistency of the roll.“
Link for the whole interview with Nico Iemma

You can choose any ramp color or a double / tri-color combination for free.
 You have an option to get your own logo engraved on the ramp body for extra charge.
Exclusively you get an extended 3 years full warranty.
5 % discount / 5 pcs         Discount if purchasing 5 pcs or more.
10 % discount / 10 pcs      Discount if purchasing 10 pcs or more.

Individual discounts can not be combined with each other.
Only one discount, the best for the customer, is valid for each purchase.
Surcharges for extra standard:
175,- EUR       surcharge for choosing a ramp with 3 extensions 73, 50 and 23 cm long
150,- EUR       surcharge for choosing a telescopic U-shaped leg
250,- EUR       surcharge for choosing a U-shaped leg with Y-shaped stabilization arm
70,- EUR         surcharge for adding a stabilizing steel plate to the ramps base
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