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Organizing Boccia Tournaments

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Organizational support of league and amateur tournaments, including international events.

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Organizing Boccia Tournaments
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Organizational support of league and amateur tournaments, including international events.
Ondrej Bašták Ďurán, the owner of the BASHTO SPORTS brand, will come to you.
Ondrej is a certified coach and national boccia judge, author of a book on boccia.
Comprehensive support for organizing boccia tournaments from an experienced professional.
Ondrej is fluent in Slovak and English. An interpreter might be needed for other languages..

Designed by organizers of local, national and international boccia tournaments.
Suitable for sports clubs, civic associations of people with disabilities, etc ..
Also suitable for sports and social services facilities, hospitals, etc ..

Assistance in preparing the gym premises.
Design and coordinate the order of matches.
Recording, evaluating and announcing results.
Sports tournament moderation.
Other information and activities related to bocce according to the customer's requirements.
organizing duration: 1 day = 8 hours (standard length)
The actual length of the organizing can be agreed individually directly with Ondrej.
The customer will receive an original book on boccia with the author's handwritten signature free of charge.
If the goods are ordered in the time before the presentation, the goods can be delivered free of charge.
from 250,- EUR / valid for Slovakia and the Czech Republic
from 650,- EUR / valid for abroad within the European Union
It is necessary to add the cost of transport, possibly accommodation to the price.
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