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BASHTO X‐200 Magnetic Boccia Ramp

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Professional Boccia Ramp suitable for advanced players also for international league matches.

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1 415,83 € 1 415,83 € 1 415,83 € VAT excl.

1 415,83 € 1 415,83 € VAT excl.

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Height (cm)18
Width (cm)36
Lenght (cm)115
Weight (kg)10

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BASHTO X-200 Magnetic Boccia Ramp New Product
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Professional Boccia Ramp suitable for advanced players also for international league matches.
Meets the strict all the criteria reported by the BISFed - Boccia International Sports Federation.
Clients appreciate excellent gameplay features and unrivaled value in its class.
It consists of these parts - a body, two extentions, a leg, a base, a stabilisation arm and a movable boccia wedge to fix the ball in the ramp.
The side panels are made of beech plywood.
Extensions at lenght 70 cm, one of them has a removable bottom capable of fixing the ball.
The bottom of the ramp and extensions is made of translucent plastic with a groove.
Delivered with a magnetic movable ball holder.
The base is made of a narrow steel plate. It has 3 legs with ball joints.
The body of the ramp is already reinforced with a stabilizing arm.
The leg can be telescopically extended or shortened.
The ramp has 3 quick-release control handles. They control a rotation to the sides, its inclination and lifting of the leg.
Easily foldable into a compact transport box that can also be ordered.
The production and delivery time of the ramp with accessories is from 30 to 60 days.
You will be kept informed about the delivery date of your order.
height x width x lenght (cm): 18 x 36 x 115
weight: 10 kg
See bellow, section Using this product.
You can choose a design from 30 different colors included in the price.
You have an option to get your own logo engraved on the ramp body free of charge.
In case of orderint the Ramp also with ta Transport Box, you get a 5% off discount.
5 % discount / 5 pcs         Discount if purchasing 5 pcs or more.
10 % discount / 10 pcs      Discount if purchasing 10 pcs or more.

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