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Custom Boccia Ramp and Transport Box Logo


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Logo according to your design and wishes for your new BASHTO Boccia Ramp and its Transport Box.

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65,83 € 65,83 € VAT excl.

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Custom Boccia Ramp and Transport Box Logo
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Logo according to your design and wishes for your new BASHTO Boccia Ramp and its Transport Box.
Your own name? Favorite symbol? State flag? Sports club logo?
Choose words, characters, shapes and colors that describe you...
1. First of all we need to know your idea of the logo. At least his sketch will help us.
2. Our graphic designers will create a professional design of the original logo and price calculation according to your sketch.
3. We will send you a professional design with an illustrative placement on the product for approval.
4. Only after your approval of the graphic, its location and price will we start producing the logo.

Your logo will be designed by an experienced graphic designer who understands the production process well.
 We will use highly sophisticated technologies for the real placement of your logo on the product.
Depending on the complexity of the graphic design, we choose either a laser, industrial printing or a CNC milling machine.
Each logo is eventually machined and completed by one of our skilled craftsmen.

The more complex the logo sketch graphics, the more difficult it is to design and manufacture.
The price of the logo is affected by the number of letters and characters, the complexity of shapes and images, as well as the number of colors ...
max. height x width (in cm): RECTANGLE on Ramp sides = 3,5 x 35
max. height x width (in cm): CIRCLE on the Ramps Base with diameter = 12,5
max. height x width (in cm): ELLIPSE on the Transport Box lid = 14 x 34
See bellow, section Using this product.
When ordering the logo on the boccia ramp and the suitcase at the same time, you get both logos for the price of one.
With the uniqueness and originality of the logo, your sports equipment will also gain artistic value.
50,- EUR / 1 design - basic logo / max. 10 letters, numbers and characters / max. 1 optional color

The listed price is the minimum amount for 1 logo in the basic version. Surcharges can be found below.
The price is calculated according to the complexity of the logo for graphic design and technical design.
Even before the production of the logo, the customer will be given the opportunity to agree on its final appearance and price.

MORE LETTERS = every additional 5 letters, numbers and characters in addition = + 9,- EUR
MORE COLORS = any additional color = + 9,- EUR
PICTURES = according to the customer's graphic template (for processing and execution) = + 39,- EUR

The manufacturers right to adjust the price of an overly complex logo in agreement with the customer reserved.
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