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Training book for boccia players and assistants


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Illustrated 30-page publication written by Bashto Sports owner about boccia training techniques suitable for players and assistants.

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7,50 € 7,50 € VAT excl.

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Height (cm)21.1
Width (cm)14.8
Depth (cm)0.4
Weight (kg)0.09

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Boccia Training Handbook
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 An effective guide to training boccia for players, assistants and their coaches.
The author is the owner of the BASHTO SPORTS brand, Ondrej Bašták Ďurán.
The author is a certified and experienced long-time boccia coach and a national referee.
The handbook will greatly serve boccia players and their assistants in professional training techniques.
30-page publication at A5 size.
As a reader, boccie will greatly improve his skills in this sport.
The handbook is graphically well-arranged, understandable and concise.
It stimulates appetite, explains rules, generates ideas, develops strategies.
 It is suitable for both ambitious beginners and successful professionals.
height x width x depth (cm): 21,1 x 14,8 x 0,4
weight: 0,042 kg
 On request, you can obtain the brochure with a signature of the author with personal dedication.
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