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BASHTO Variable Boccia Ramp

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Revolutionary concept of variable boccia ramp. You can create it in the 3D configurator. 

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BASHTO Variable and X-100 boccia ramp product configurator:

BASHTO Variable

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1 665,83 € 1 665,83 € VAT excl.

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BASHTO Variable Boccia RampTOP product
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Revolutionary concept of variable boccia ramp. You can create it in the 3D configurator.
Meets the strict criteria of BISFed professional world sports federation.
For clients seeking uniqueness and prestige with attention to every detail.
BASHTO Variable boccia ramp is already available. You can already order it.
An online 3D configurator is available too.

The BASHTO Variable boccia ramp will be something like a building set.
You choose the material, shape, technology and colour of each part of the ramp separately.
Aluminium, wood, steel or resin?
One long extentions, 2 short ones, or 3 different ones?
Do you prefer threaded control levers or quick release ones?
You will be able to choose all this and everything else.

You will be able to configure the BASHTO Variable ramp via the online 3D configurator.
You can click it from the comfort of your home on your computer anywhere in the world.
On your monitor you will see the selected configuration in 3D view with the price tag.
Online 3D configurator is available to all interested persons for free.
Here is the link: BASHTO Variable boccia ramp configurator

We held 2 presentations of the BASHTO Variable boccia ramp and the 3D configurator.
They were held in Slovak boccia clubs of OMD Farfalletta Žilina and ZOM Prešov.
The feedback from the participants of the presentations and testing can be found below.

The project is implemented thanks to the financial support of the European Social Fund from the Human Resources Operational Programme managed by the Implementing Agency of the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family of the Slovak Republic.

The first photos of the BASHTO Variable boccia ramp published
height x width x lenght (cm): fully loaded 200x150x30cm; packed 125x45x15cm
weight: about 15kg
Boris Klohna - multiple Slovak champion in boccia of BC3 category
1st place - Tatra Cup International Boccia Tournament, Liptovský Ján, Slovakia
Chairman of the ZOM Prešov boccia sports club, Slovakia
„This is a revolutionary concept of boccia ramps. Excellent stability, easy folding and many variations of components to choose from... There is nothing like it in the world. After the launch of the ramp, I will buy it.""

Ľuboslava Figurová - sports assistant for boccia players of BC3 category
Chairman of the OMD Farfalletta sports club Žilina, Slovakia
"I rate the BASHTO Variable ramp as an extremely effective solution combining functionality, ease of use, innovative technology and modern design. When possible, we want to buy it for our sports club as well."
You can choose any type of ball holder in the ramp from our offer for free.
You can choose to have your own logo engraved on the body of the ramp for an additional charge.
You exclusively get an extended full warranty for 3 years.
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